File Manager, Browser and Shell

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As you might have guessed from the last two posts in this series here and here, I love doing stuff the command line way. So this post will describe my file manager, browser, shell and it’s extensions.


I use zsh as my shell. I love the toppings we can add with zsh. Especially Oh My Zsh. Oh My Zsh has visual appeal as well as quite a lot of functionality. This is my zsh config file – zshrc

If you also install fortune, boxes, you will see random messages like these every time you invoke the shell.

/\                                             \
\_| Excellent time to become a missing person. |
 |                                             |
 |  ___________________________________________|_
mbtamuli@techfreak ~ »


Ranger is the file manager I prefer using with i3. This is another command line based application. This is a fairly intuitive application for browsing around your file system using just the arrow keys. Obviously the arrow keys are not the only keys you can use. Also you can use commands like :mkdir dirname it also works.

Google Chrome

This is something I can’t stop using no matter what is said about Chrome being RAM hungry and other such stuff. I use extensions such as OneTab, AdBlock, Pocket, Pushbullet, and last but not the least Vimium.

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